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About us

Opened in 2017, Safford Equipment is an outdoor power equipment retail store located in Safford, Alabama. We serve both the residential and commercial customer looking for quality outdoor equipment by leading manufacturers. 

Where in God's green Earth is Safford?

Safford is an unincorporated community in West Central Alabama with a population that couldn’t fill a high school gymnasium. Farms, woodland, catfish ponds and endless countryside comprise the landscape. Turns out this is a good place to be if you are a growing business that continues to need more room. 

Visiting the store?

Treat people right

Our company culture centers around a single concept: Treat every customer like they were your own kin*.  Our staff works tirelessly to make sure each and every customer is satisfied with their shopping experience. When addressing problems with purchases our team approaches each issue with care and timeliness.  

*Attention Northern friends, “kin” or “kinfolk” is Southern slang for family.

25 acres

64,000 square feet

1,995 mowers

1 bear

Our founder

Safford native Keith Bridges is the visionary behind the Safford brand. In 1999 at the age of 21, he opened his first business, Safford Tire, in an old service station across the street from the store’s current location. Over the years he expanded his inventory to include power tools and eventually hunting and fishing supplies to capitalize on the area’s attraction to sportsmen who visit the area from other parts of the state.

As the customer base grew, so did the footprint of the store, which led to the purchase of the adjacent land where the store currently resides. In 2017, the home and sporting goods side of the business became Safford Trading and the outdoor equipment side became Safford Equipment.

Try this on for size

If you want Keith to succeed at something, tell him he can’t do it. This is rumored to be the secret to his success.

What's up with the bear?

Buzz (the bundle bear) is our official mascot. Buzz spends his time creating new bundles, taking long naps and snacking on South Alabama honey. His claim to fame is slashing prices, which we find much more pleasant than slashing customers.